Laurie Charles (b. 1987, Belgium) lives and works in Brussels.

Laurie Charles is a visual and textual storyteller, she writes and paints speculative narratives on large canvases. Her artistic practice is multi-faceted, and has always been collaborative, responsive, socially engaged and choreographically conscious. She demonstrates a holistic approach to her work, consolidating and collapsing multiple fields to allow her to engage with a variety of ideas, disciplines, publics, techniques across her productions.

She makes films in which she interweaves folklore, humanities, stories and historical narratives within a feminist perspective. For the artist each project is an opportunity for in-depth research in which she brings together scattered elements in a fictional story and the outcome of this story is the resulting work.

Drawing deeply from her own personal experience with an autoimmune disease, Charles creates largescale fabric pieces and soft furnishings that respond to ideas around the body through a macro lens. She undertakes to rewrite an alternative history of medicine to the one which has been engraved, where care, cycles, ecological disaster, and healing take precedence. She thinks of embodiment, fictional and non-human bodies, empathy and visualisation.

She creates multiple objects that actes as images in the traditional sense, but also as thresholds (curtains), as bodily comforts (cushions), and as stage props for storytelling in an exhibition scenario.

Charles’ way of working is inextricably tied to her ways of living, as such the personal is always also political.

Among other venues, her work has been exhibited at Terzo Fronte – Roma, Wiels – Brussels, Efremidis Gallery in Berlin, Grazer Kunstverein – Graz, CIAP Kunstverein – Hasselt, 1646 – project space for contemporary art – The Hague, Nanjing International Art Festival – Nanjing, Beursschouwburg – Brussels, Komplot – Brussels, and Le Commissariat – Paris.




2010 – DNSEP, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des beaux-arts de Bordeaux, Bordeaux, FR

2009 – Echange Erasmus avec HBK, Hoschule für bildende künste, Braunschweig, DE

2008 – DNAP, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des beaux-arts de Bordeaux, Bordeaux, FR


2021 – Guest teacher, Editorial practices, Sint Lucas School of Arts Antwerpen, BE

2016-21 – Lecturer, Editorial practices / ArBA EsA, Académie royale des beaux-arts, Brussels, BE

2019-21 – Lecturer, for the course Artist books with a focus on Creative writting, ArBA EsA, Brussels, BE


2020 – (57) Mnemosyne – Communities of the Future, with the collective w.o.r.k.?, Paris, FR

2017 – Intersection of care, invited by Florence Cheval and Loraine Furter, A/R art&research, FRArt/FNRS, Brussels, BE


2021  – Destroy the patriarchy, not the planet, a debate about climate and feminism, BOZAR, Brussels, BE

          – Artist talk with Ann Cesteleyn, curator and director of Beige Brussels, Brussels, BE

          – Artist talk with Barbara Fecchio director of BAM project, FRAC Nouvelle Aquitaine, Bordeaux, FR

2020 – From the waiting room, lecture and screening, Risquons-Tout, Open School, Wiels, Brussels, BE

2019 – Artist talk, in the frame of the exhibition My summer is your winter, Grazer Kunstverein, Graz, AT

2018 – Camille Azaïs en conversation avec Laurie Charles, host of discussion, SHARE seminar, ArBA EsA, Brussels, BE


2019 – Short Term Grant, Flanders State of Art, BE

2017 – Production Grant Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, BE

2015 – Production Grant for a first publication, Fonds de dotation Agnès b, FR

        – Production Grant for a first publication, DRAC Limousin, FR


2019 – Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, FR

2017 – Stichting Project Space 1646, La Haye, NL

        – Lieu Commun, artist run space, Toulouse, FR


        – CIAP, International center for art and lanscape, Île de Vassivière, FR

2014 – BAC, Baltic Art center, Visby, SE

2012 – TRIANGLE France, Marseille, FR

2011 – Summerlake, ESAAA, école des beaux-arts, Annecy, FR


2022 Oniromancia, Terzo Fronte, RomaIT

2020 La fatigue du canapé, curated by J.A.P, Vitrine Rivoli, Brussels, BE

          – Mural, Beursschouwburg, Brussels, BE

2019 – Moon in scorpio, Efremidis Gallery, Berlin, DE

2018 – Le chaletCIAP Kunstverein, Hasselt, BE

2017 – The anger of the intestine, Stichting Project Space 1646, The Hague, NL

2012 – Seyran Kirmizitoprak and Laurie Charles, double solo show, Komplot, Brussels, BE


2021  – Mirrored Infinities, curated by The Agprognostic Temple (Sam Steverlynck, Dome Wood), Tour & Taxis, Brussels 

         Adrianopolis, curated by Isabel Van Bos and Godart Bakkers, Geraardsbergen, BE

20-21 – Risquons Tout, Intersection of Care, Open School, Wiels, Brussels, BE

         – Re-)sentir tous les jours / Techniques de résistance, Mécènes du Sud Montpellier-Sètes, Montpellier, FR

         – I Love Today, I Can’t Wait for Tomorrow, Beige Brussels, Brussels, BE

2020 – Dangereuses visions, Lieu Commun, Toulouse, FR

2019 – My Summer is your winter, Grazer Kunstverein, Graz, AT

        – Flesh and bone, Operation Room, Istanbul, TR

2018 – Generation Brussels, Espace Vanderborght, Brussels Gallery Weekend, Brussels, BE

        – Fikra Graphic Design Biennial, with Loraine Furter, Department of non-binaries, Sharjah, UAE

       – Poppositions Off-fair, Brussels, BE

2017 – Crue, Glassbox, Paris, FR

        – What’s Your Favourite Conspiracy Theory? commissariat Buenos Tiempos Int et Mophradat, Brussels, BE

2016 – HISTORICODE: scarcity and supply, 3rd Nanjing International Art Festival, Baijia Lake Museum, Nanjing, CN

        – Exercices of freedom#25, Documenta 14, Performance avec Annie Sprinkle et Beth Stephens, Athens, GR

        – Extend & Pretend, commissariat Komplot, Enterprise Projects, Athens, GR

        – Love of Matter, Beursschouwburg, EUROPALIA ART FESTIVAL, Brussels, BE

2015 – Bivouac, après naufrage, Polarium-Fabrique Pola, Bordeaux, FR

2014 – UNTITLED Art Fair Miami Beach, Miami, FL, USA

        – What’s the song that goes like OOO Oh Oh, duo show avec Carl Palm, Le Commissariat, Paris, FR

        – François Villon coeur à vif, commissariat Georgia René-Worms, collège François Villon, Paris, FR

        – Sculpture Synchronisée, Villa Arson and HEAD, piscine Jean Médecin, Nice, FR

2013 – Transmission(s), Mairie du 11e in Paris, commissariat Céline Kopp et Jean-Christophe Arcos, Paris, FR

        – Romantic duo, Friche Belle de Mai, Marseille, FR

       – Bing bing, Galerie Arnaud Deschin, Marseille, FR

2011 – Nofound Photofair, Foire de la photographie contemporaine, Garage Turenne, Paris, FR


2017 – The Anger of the Intestine, performed by Jay Tan and Marnie Slater, Stichting Project Space 1646, The Hague, NL

2016 – Wet Dreams Water Ritual, Exercices of freedom#25 with Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens, Documenta 14 , Athens, GR


2016 – Love of Matter, premiere at Beursschouwburg, EUROPALIA ART FESTIVAL, Brussels, BE

2015 – NUIT BLANCHE – premiers pas, curated by Jean-Christophe Arcos, Ecole élémentaire Pierre-Budin, Paris, FR

        – Movies in May, screening curated by Alberto Garcìa Del Castillo, gallery Nosbaum Reding, Luxembourg, LU

        – Le cinéma de la nouvelle lune, curated by Jean-Christophe Arcos, Cité des arts, Paris, FR


2016 – Co-editor of the book Midpoint with Alberto García del Castillo, Louise Osieka and Marnie Slater, published by Théophiles’ s Papers, production Europalia Arts Festival, Brussels, BE

2016 – Homeopathy of the absurd, text published in La Belle Revue#6, Revue éditée par In extenso, Clermont-Ferrand FR

         – L’histoire commence en 1965, text published in Four Seasons, P/////AKT, Amsterdam, NL


2020 – Collectie van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap, BE

2017 – Frac Ile-de-France (Fonds régional d’art contemporain), Paris, FR


2016-19 – H ART magazine (Jan 2019), L’ART MÊME(July-Oct 2018 et Feb 2017), Subbacultcha (April 2018), BE