Agnodice, enamel, 2021.

31.10/ Adrianapolis / A public art exhibition in the city of Geraardsbergen/  Produced by emaillerie belge

Permanently on view in Geraardsbergen part of the public exhibition « Adrianapolis » curated by Isabel Van Bos and Godart Bakkers with the great artists Jacopo Pagin and Kasper Devos.

Agnodice was a woman in ancient Greece who wanted become a gynecologist, only that medical practice was prohibited for women. With the help of her father, she dressed up and cut her hair to look like a man of her time. She studied and became a much admired gynecologist. Jealous men slandered her saying women were seduced in becoming patients. She decided to go appear before judges to squand this rumor and show that she is a woman. She was found guilty, but the women, praise her medical practice and merits and she ends up being pardoned. From that moment, the law was changed and women were allowed to practice as medical doctors.


Copywright: Lisa Bilterijst