The anger of the intestine

« Charlotte Queen was lying in bed this morning when she started to feel a violent pain in her back. Along her spine a shake electrified her from top to bottom. Was a Preharmonic Pain expending in her entire body, or was it the anger of her intestine? Later, an eruption was recorded. The Anger of the Intestine is a show and a performance of a collection of sources including the story of Charlotte King and Aesop’s Fable “The Belly and the members”.  Marnie Slater and Jay Tan are reading « the anger of the intestine ».  The music video is made by Nicolas Le Mée. A Production 1646.

As part of the larger Holaa Festival in The Hague, 1646 presents from 7 to 9 July the work of the current artist in residence Laurie Charles: The Anger of the Intestine. More on 1646 ‘s website :

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Pictures of the show////

1-First room-The anger of the intestine-Laurie Charles2-Saturn return-The anger of the intestine-Laurie CharlesVisitor3-The anger of the intestine-set-Laurie CharlesDetail-Volcano-The anger of the intestinedetail-dog-the anger of the intestinedétail - snake - the anger of the intestine

Pictures of the Performance////with Marnie Slater and Jay Tan

Performance - narrator speaks-The anger of the intestine-Laurie Charles4-Performance-she sleep-The anger of the intestine-Laurie CharlesPerformance scene-The anger of the intestine-Laurie CharlesPerformance-other scene-The anger of the intestine-Laurie CharlesDetails hand-The anger of the intestine5-details video-The anger of the intestine-Laurie Charles