Painting on canvas, 2017.
Group show by Beillard & Rayssac with the works of Martin Belou, Laurie Charles, Cyril Debon, Jos de Gruyter & Harald Thys, Romain Juan, Rémi Lambert , Antoine Renard, Zoé de Soumagnat.


« Factory landscape at sunset, it reminds of Monet, I see this out the window of the train from Rennes to Paris when I receive the message from Ludovic and Simon: we really liked the simplicity of your text for la vie intense and we’d like a lightweight text that goes with the spirit of our exhibition not a theoretical thing that puts a damper on it like too often… I retake my notes from the presentation at the Centre Pompidou Bruxelles: they are talking about a bled dry artistic scene and thus meaning they are going to refinance? By purchasing works? They are talking about organizations working with odds and ends means… It’s rewarding if not to say sexy. Meanwhile I’m reading an interview with François Piron about the Rennes Biennale in which they talk about the book «La vie intense» as a criticism of the injunction to always be more. It says we should not answer to this demand to lead an increasingly intense life. The idea of this exhibition at Hypercorps is to make physical connections between paintings and sculptures in pairs. Classic. A bodily relationship. Couples? A dance room. What do we want? The spirit of the times? It is a perfume by Chloé and not an ‘all over art total’ zeitgest concept. I retake this text on the train from Paris to Brussels train. Sun stroke. Paintings sculptures. It speaks, the desire of closer ties… »

Sonia Dermience