Visions of future

Duo show with Seyran kirmizitoprak, Komplot, 2012

At the beginning, there is this cave which encloses the actors inside, it is the temporal and spacial pretext for the meeting of the characters. This decor, a place of fiction, hosts a game of comings and goings through metaphorical passage into an other dimension, dreamlike or visionary. The decor appears here like apocalyptic visions of the future. With references as disparate as a remake of the cult scene of the Seventh Seal of Bergman with a chess game replaced by mikado made of bones, a Satan anti-hero in satin robe out of a hip hop clip, the action of headbanging: a reference to the network culture and metal music, a theater of muppets… all mixed together in a bling bling sauce. In reworking on archaic figures in the mode of bricolage and excesivity, the entire movie looks like a muppet show which seems to export a cartoon in 3D. «In a way, yes» the final sentence of the movie and at the same time a clue. Holistic, this sentence attempts to express the entire video and propose an open conclusion, a semblance of moral in the end of a story. «In a way, yes» is a totalising climax, which, while looking back as an experience of absurd, calls into question the absurdity of contemporarily practices.

Expo-a-komplot-inside-the-cave-encore-1024x681Expo-a-Komplot-2012-1024x681Cardboard, polyurethane foam, fake hair, video HD, 06’34’’