untilted                            polystyrene, plaster,terracota
Project Transmission(s), a solo show curated by Triangle France, invited by the Mairie du 11e arrondissement de Paris

Communiqué de presse

At the center of the courtyard stands a sculpture, a kind of anti-monument revisiting the antique code and the French royal place. Breaking the bonds of immediate recognition, function and habit. Around the central sculpture are arranged structures made of stone in polystyrene covered with plaster and supported ceramic busts, which established a communication with digital voice.

ExpositionLaurieCharles_ADLV2013_09-e1413887153553 ExpositionLaurieCharles_ADLV2013_14-1024x682 ExpositionLaurieCharles_ADLV2013_15-1024x682 IMG_1058-1024x768 mairie-du-11-by-triangle-3-767x1024