Second sight


Second Sight is a hemispherical structure with an apparatus bricks fully enclosed.
At one point, Second Sight will be opened and the spectator will have the possibility to penetrate inside. Second Sight is a sculpture who can change her status and become an installation and a set design. Inside we discover a monolith around which we can turn and observe on the circular wall pictures printed as a constellation of signs. Reproductions of minimalist artwork interact with screen shot of science-fiction movies, pictures of funerary or religious architecture with Houdini poster and Schrödinger cat dialogue with Derrida and Jodorowsky.
In a Warburgienne approach of artwork and applying his “science without name”: his Atlas board using to study by juxtaposition of referent images a painting, Second Sight was considered as a mental cell.
The idea is to play on the surprise images in order to create a graphical syntax and multiply simile to brighten up internal dynamics to the outcomes of this room of intelligibility. We read in bowels of the beast not the future but a condensing time which include the spectator.

T-second-Sight-ouverte-768x1024 V-Second-Sight-intérieur-2-1024x768 T-ugood-one-1024x768 W-second-sight-ouverture-intérieure-1024x768 Z-Second-Sight-détail-1024x768Brown tape, paper, cardboard, neon, spray paint, variables sizes, 2011